304 stainless steel stamping mold steel, 304 stainless steel automatic stamping mold material

What kind of mold steel is selected when the stamping plant makes a design mold? In fact, it has a certain relationship between the mold steel and the stamped material thickness, hardness, and stamping speed. Next, the East is stamped to the mold steel selection of the stainless steel stamped.

It is like the juice machine for our family usage, the juicer blade, is used, and the thickness of the 304 stainless steel sheet is 2.0 or more, and there are 1.0 or more surgical blades, which is processed when we are stamped. When Metal Stamping Tooling using DC53, D2, or High-speed steel SKH-9, the mold cutters are easily worn during processing, and the product is also easy to raise, relatively short, and some mold factories have chosen inappropriate materials in order to save costs. After product quantification, it is easy to have the above problems, resulting in the instability of product quality.

If we choose a better wear resistance, the carbide (tungsten steel) model YG15, YG20 do the mold punch, the punch is very easy to crack, because 304 stainless steel itself High chromium, there is a certain hardness, so the wear resistance and toughness of the punch is very high, then what materials do we choose when working with stainless steel 304 stamping parts? Powder smelting high-speed steel should be selected, such as: ASP23, ASP60, where the ASP60 has the best effect, and its abrasion resistance of hard alloy is also high-speed steel toughness.

When the stamping plant is produced, if the mold steel material selection is not suitable, it will cause quality instability. This small problem is neglected by many processing plants, so the material selection problem of the mold when manufacturing the mold. Can not be ignored.